Tories in Birmingham: Cheap board at the Hotel L’Volvo


THE cost of going to conference can not be offset by the free buffets at fringe meetings. Some members think twice about going at all, if they need to take time off work and book expensive hotel rooms which seem to be that little bit more expensive when an event like this is on. So again, Conservative councillor Jonny Bucknell is cutting the cost of it all by sleeping in his Volvo. He has found a hideaway in the Highgate area of Birmingham, close to Sparkbrook. When morning breaks, he heads to the Moseley swimming baths and pays £4.10 – but only uses the shower. Then he heads on his fold-up bike to the conference site in the city centre. Asked where he’s staying by colleagues, he simply says the Hotel L’Volvo.



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  1. So, he’s able to ride a bike in Brum but when it comes to riding around Gospel Oak (last Friday) he needed his motorbility scooter – which he was riding in the road on Agamemnon. Maybe his back problems arise from sleeping in a Volvo? Is his marriage OK or has he been thrown out………Shurely we should be told?

  2. Correction: That should have read Agincourt Road, near Cressy.

  3. Camden Angel // October 24, 2014 at 11:24 pm //

    Councillor Bucknell sets a positive example teaching champagne swilling socialists and other pretend lefties a lesson about living modestly. How many Labour or Greens did the same?

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