Big train man lets the plane take the strain

IMG_5105HE has spent the political conference season shoring up cross-party support for the HS2 rail line, and opening the discussion on the possibility of HS3 and more. Not attracted by the rail network as it currently stands, it seems, Lord Baron Andrew Adonis (of Camden Town) however could be spotted travelling back from Glasgow last night by air rather than train.

Three seats away from him on the British Airways flight back to London Heathrow sat former Liberal Democrat councillor Chris Naylor, who has spent many hours campaigning, warning, shouting about the destruction that HS2 could bring to Camden. The flight was delayed, everybody was red-eyed tired.

As the Baron nibbled on a crayfish sandwich, it was too late an hour, on this occasion, for Chris to get into the never-ending rights and wrongs of high speed rail. They would need a long haul flight for that.



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  1. Fine train man he isn’t!
    And he attacked the LibDems today for debating Gatwick.

    When and if Baron Adonis of Camden (deep irony – and he doesn’t even live in the borough now) tries to become Labour’s London Mayoral candidate he will find out just how VERY deeply resented he is.

    Given his very close association with Ed Milliband and his own party’s utterly dismal conference, you’d hope he would had had the sense to keep stum instead of snide tweets against the Lib Dems.. IF Alan Johnson were to take over Labour’s leadership, one suspects that an “intellectual” like Adonis would be given short shrift.

    A well-respected Labour Cabinet Councillor assured me that Adonis posh public boarding school education was down to Labour’s 50-years-a-a-Councillor, Roy Shaw. “Fine mess…” spings to mind.

    Credit to my ex-colleague Chris Naylor for not engaging.

  2. The CNJ is a classic example of the old adage about never let the facts get in the way. The last train from Glasgow to London leaves at 18.40. So how exactly were folks meant to get back to London that evening. Walk?

  3. Richard Osley // October 9, 2014 at 9:19 am //

    Wrong again. There’s the sleeper train.

    • The sleeper train is often booked up weeks in advance. It has a limited number of berths & isn’t the most reliable service in the world (often arriving late as its caught up in engineering works).To suggest that a busy politician with a full diary will take this rater than fly just to appease a few folk on the Camden New Journal shows how out of touch they are with the real world.

  4. Yes, Richard is correct.
    There’s a comfortable Sleeper at 23.40 hours which would have delivered the Baron to within two stops on the Victoria line to Highbury & I to deliver him home, ex Euston at 6.50am, by 7.15am.

  5. flyingHigh // October 10, 2014 at 5:02 pm //

    ah – has-been ( naylor ) and wanna-be (Adonis) flying high thanks to BA.

  6. Fran Heron // October 11, 2014 at 10:52 am //

    You would think if Adonis such a rail fan he would put pressure on NR to run a later train than 18.40pm from Glasgow to London. Instead he promotes £50bn white elephant that will swallow 42% of total rail budget for foreseeable future – only 330mls HS2 against 10,000 plus UK rail network. Hundreds of stations that serve vast majority of rail passengers are not accessible to the disabled or mums with toddlers and pushchairs, have no toilets or waiting rooms, are not staffed.

    Mr Bigland does not seem to realise that by the time the noble baron gets his shiny new train set reaching Glasgow, he will be need more than an overnight stay. He will be tottering around in his eighties at least. If there is an economic case for a later trains from Glasgow, passengers will be waiting decades (if indeed it ever reaches them) if they rely on HS2.

    • ‘Hs2 will swallow 42% of the rail budget’? What utter nonsense. For a start,Hs2 isn’t funded from the ‘rail budget’ at all. It’s funded separately. The fact those who oppose Hs2 have no idea how either railways or major infrastructure projects are funded doesn’t help their case, it merely makes themlook dishonest when they come out with such rubbish, which has no basis in fact. As for running later trains from Glasgow, the issues are capacity& journey time. The irony is, building Hs2 will provide the capacity (& speed) that would allow later trains to run!

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