Lib Dems in Glasgow: Will Jill ride again in H & St P?



OH why are we waaaiting, we are suffocaaating, and so on, when it comes to the Liberal Democrats’ tardiness in picking a candidate for Holborn and St Pancras.

The obvious retort is: well, neither have Labour. But the lack of urgency has – eight months from voting day – reflected on what people think about the party’s chances of polling well in the south of Camden at next May’s general election.

The swirling rumour is that 2005 candidate Jill Fraser, the community activist and former Mayor, will return to the hustings to take on whoever Labour eventually picks. She did well before – suitable flashback picture with Ed Fordham above – and there are many who feel she was hard done by to lose the job to Jo Shaw in 2010.

Her admirers remind us that last time she took on the role it was in the January of election year.


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