Dare Tulip call on Emma?

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THERE was a rumour whistling down the Kilburn High Road not so long ago that when things crank up ahead of next May’s general election, Tulip Siddiq’s team were looking to bring in Oscar-winning local Emma Thompson to fire the gun on Labour’s main campaign. She has not been adverse to helping out in the past as a publicly-out there Labour supporter. And, you can be luvvie snobby about it, but who out of Tulip’s rivals would turn down such a catch.

But maybe Tulip’s people should start drawing up a list of understudies about asking after the politically-conscious Ms Thompson’s recent interview with The Times. There, asked whether she would vote Labour again, she replied: “I can’t support any of it at the moment.”

Asked whether she would vote at all, she added: “I don’t know.” 

Of course, sticking your neck out for Labour, as she has in the past, makes you vulnerable to the ‘does your kid go to private school’ question. When the Daily Mail ripped the quotes, the most important snag they took from the interview seemed to be the admission, lifted from an aside in the original interview, that the actress sends her daughter to private school. This, of course, may well rankle with Labour governors at the state-run Hampstead School, which is so close to her home in West Hampstead. 

“We’re not in the catchment area for Camden School for Girls, but she might go there for the sixth form,” she had explained.


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