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imageTHE runners looking to fill Labour’s parliamentary candidate vacancy in Holborn and St Pancras – caused by Frank Dobson’s retirement – are due in Camden Town for a chance to impress branch members from across four wards on Tuesday night. Each has been asked to talk on a subject close to their heart. On the email sent to members, it was strange not to see Raj Chada’s name on the list, but here’s the schedule and the proposed subjects proposed for the meeting at the Forge. A busy night looks in store.

Councillor (Kilburn) Thomas Gardiner      7:30 
“blacklisting” of trade unionists, and the campaign against the practice  

Councillor (West Hampstead) Angela Pober     7:50 
whether pension schemes are actually governed in practice, and community-led governance implications  

Keir Starmer, ex-Director of Public Prosecutions    8:30 
why Labour needs a values based approach to 2015 

Ivana Bartoletti, NHS worker, Fabian Women’s Network Chair (Hackney) 8:50 
how to build a grassroots movement to protect our public services  

Councillor (Kings Cross) Sarah Hayward, Council Leader    9:10 
tackling inequality: prioritise for Labour locally and nationally 


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  1. Is Tuesday night’s Hustings meeting open to the public at the Forge?

    I for one am interested to hear the candidates who want to represent me

    but I am not a Labour Party member.

    • The agenda from which Richard Osely is quoting makes it clear this is a joint ward meeting for Labour Party members – so maybe it’s time to join Paul? and maybe time to organise some public meetings – but for now the Labour Party selection process has not yet begun, and this is not a hustings.

  2. Additional speakers on Tuesday 14th October – Raj and Patrick had spoken at the September meeting for Regents Park, so they weren’t part of the original line-up, but they are in now, and we have Chris Nicholas as well amking eight speakers in all:

    Chris Nicholas, writes & advises on economic policy (GO) 8:10
    the elephants in the room; Labour’s challenges

    ……by popular demand, a chance for night-owls to hear two more of our favourite speakers……

    Raj Chada, lawyer, Chair of Holborn and St Pancras CLP (KT) 9:30
    Labour in an age of insecurity

    Patrick French, NHS worker, chair of Highgate ward 9:50
    why Labour needs to show passion in its defence of our NHS

  3. Michael Way // October 12, 2014 at 5:01 pm //

    And three will be in Highgate on the 16th – Angela, Ivana and Thomas

  4. Raj and Sarah win the battle of the topics, I guess. Some commendable if narrower focus from some of the other councillors. Shame all the topics seem rather domestic rather than internationalist or European. I’m sure it will prove interesting. Our candidate Will Blair (I live in the constituency) is an engaging, progressive, moderate sort, who will give whoever Labour picks a very good run for their money.

  5. Hi Richard,
    Thank you for this, today’s update. Could you confirm which one are the four wards that will be having the joint meeting today? I’m aware of three wards: 1) the Camden Town & Primrose Hill, 2) Regents Park & 3) the St Pancras and Somers Townn ward.
    H. Evans (StP & St T “Acting Chair”).

    • Sorry, in the above comment I left the word “vice” next to chair. NO Guilty… !
      H. Evans

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