UKIP advance on Finchley Road


NEARLY every Saturday, you can find the Camden Tories pitched up on the flat bit in front of Waitrose near Finchley Road station, taking questions and distributing leaflets. But have they been muscled out of their own favourite spot? Shoppers were this weekend were greeted by Magnus Nielsen and local UKIP members, who looked like they had got up early to get their towels down first.



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  1. Gio Spinella // October 13, 2014 at 11:52 am //

    HI Richard,
    We were out on Hampstead High Street and West End Lane last Saturday but we’ll be in front of Waitrose this Saturday!
    I wonder if any passer-by thought to ask Magnus Nielssen his opinions on restricting and undoing universal sufferage….?

  2. Dis-gusting to see these people branded as ‘closet-racists’ by the PM and ‘Racist Party’ by those in Labour.
    Next we will have the BNP taking over Sainsbury’s ?

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