Sex tour: To press release or not to press release…

Rebecca Tour3.JPG-pwrt2THE attention seekers at Television X have got the council in a bit of a bind with their plan to bring one of its performers, Rebecca More, to Camden tomorrow as part of a ‘sex tour’. She has pledged to have sex with the adult channel’s competition winners in the back of the tour bus. Yep, this is what’s it come to.

Camden’s lawyers are looking at whether they can get a last minute injunction to stop the stunt and police will be on the lookout to move the van on, but emails buzzing between Labour councillors today show their are two strategies in mind.

Community safety chief Jonathan Simpson thinks Camden should be tough with outward press statements about the council’s opposition to the whole enterprise, using the opportunity to explain the council’s work with victims of domestic abuse and crimes against women.

Be interested to hear the views of others as I think we should go very public on the grounds our work on violence against women and public health. I’m minded to go for the injunction yo show that we have some teeth.

But Heather Johnson has advised a bit of a caution to that idea, warning that such publicity could backfire

I understand the issue about highlighting the work we are doing, but I am sure this event is only being done to raise publicity for TV X and we really should be trying to prevent that happening rather than using it to get publicity for what we are doing. I’m all for making as much noise as possible about violence towards women and sexual exploitation etc. but I think this should be done on our terms, not in response to an obvious publicity stunt for a really sleezy [sic] TV station.


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