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radio-raheemIF anybody has at least three grand spare to spare and wants to buy me an early Christmas present, please head straight to an auction room in New York and get me the boom-box used by ‘Radio Raheem’ in Spike Lee’s classic film Do The Right Thing, which is 25 years old this year. What a film that was, surely the director’s best.

The Bonhams listing for next month comes with a guide price between £1,900 and £3,000, and explains:

A Promax Super Jumbo boombox with yellow, green and black Public Enemy stickers on either side, red, green, and yellow electrical tape along the sides and top, inscribed in black ink, and Kente cloth and woven bracelets wrapped around the handle. Inscribed and signed on the back in gold ink.


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  1. Agree your sentiments re Do the Right Thing, but there must have been several boom boxes as one got Sal’s baseball bat through it at the film climax.

    I wonder if it comes with a full set of batteries…

    (BTW what’s up with the CNJ site today?)

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