A rarified sight in Fitzrovia


photo (10)WITH Griff Rhys Jones suggesting he will leave the country if Ed Miliband’s mansion tax becomes a reality, and Bonnie Greer telling him ‘fab’ before suggesting his Fitzroy Square ‘pile’ is donated to charity on his way out, we had a look at that picturesque corner of London on Google street view.

Quite aside from the mansion tax debate, what were the chances of a Google van driving right through the middle of a model’s photo-shoot (probably quite high actually). And here, in this rarified setting which Griff seemed to suggest was a ‘slum’ 15 years ago, we can see a man with a big umbrella sticking it to the man, yeah, with an up middle finger gesture. His colleague, it should be said, offered a more welcoming wave at the van’s camera as it whizzed past earlier this summer.

photo (9)

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