H & St P: When I was a kid…

LABOUR members in Holborn and St Pancras have been bombarded with their first round of selection campaign leaflets and letters. A chance, you see, for some of the candidates to tell those with a vote about their formative years. From the bumpf:


My Dad arrived here from India in 1958 to make a better life for his family. He started out with £5 in his pocket and worked as a door to door salesman to pay the rent on his Council house. His hard work and the value he placed on education meant that my sisters and I were the first generation of my family to go to university – something he is incredibly proud of.


I am not a career politician. The son of a tool-maker and a nurse, I was lucky enough to get to university and become a lawyer.


I’m Labour because my mum brought up three kids on her own through Thatcher’s 1980s. Too often she struggled to make ends meet… Back then, to help out, I got my first job aged 12, cleaning toilets. Neither of my parents went to university but I was lucky enough to attend a great state comprehensive and won a place at Hull.


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