Macshane on Sir Keir



DENIS Macshane, the former MP who went to prison for expenses fraud, has local links. When Labour won a by-election in Highgate a few years back, he allowed himself a nostalgic tweet to remember times gone by: “Congrats to Sally Gimson on becoming Labour councillor where I was ward chair zillion years ago.”

So, it’s not unreasonable to presume he will be keeping a little eye on how Labour’s parliamentary selection contest in his old yard is going.

It doesn’t sound like he will be rooting for Sir Keir Starmer, however.

In an interview with London Live today, he repeated his claim that he was harshly treated by being sent to jail and once more clawed at Sir Keir for his actions as the then director of public prosecutions. He was “very political, very celebrity-focussed”, Macshane said. The Evening Standard, which is connected to the TV station, said Sir Keir had declined to comment on the snipe.


2 Comments on Macshane on Sir Keir

  1. I read the headline and thought it was going to be about Ian McShane. Your work has never disappointed me this much before.


  2. Every MP that commits expenses fraud should be jailed. It’s fraud, it’s illegal and it’s a betrayal of trust.


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