Off topic: M&S’s coded xmas attack on John Lewis?


collage2HERE we go then, Marks and Spencer vs John Lewis in the annual Christmas ad campaign, pitches fairies flying around magicking up better xmas presents against Monty the Penguin.

But have M&S’s ad makers pulled a subtle fast one on their rivals.

You see, the first crap present that needs magicking up into something better by the M&S fairies is an alarm clock, which a hapless boyfriend appears to be wrapping up on Christmas Eve. The suggestion is nobody wants a boring alarm clock.

But an alarm clock, of course, was not a crap gift last year. It was cast as the perfect gift in John Lewis’s 2013 advert, which saw a cartoon hare gave one to a cartoon bear to make sure he would wake up in time for Christmas.

Ad industry whispers have it this week that this isn’t all some coincidence and the M&S fairies knew exactly what they were doing by quickly zapping said hapless-boyfriend-man’s dull present idea.



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