H & St P: Dr Joe’s analysis

THERE’S a lot to browse through if you’ve made a start on the list of selection contest applicants posted here and on the New Journal’s main site yesterday. While the main thrust of the personal statements submitted by the hopefuls looking to be picked in Holborn and St Pancras has been a straight shot at selling themselves, Dr Joe Ukemenam felt the need to include his own analysis of the lay of the land in the constituency – and the state of the local Labour party. Here he reports of somewhat apocalyptic infighting for Labour locally, and surprisingly encouraging news for the ‘gaining’ Lib Dems.

“It is important that we are able to resolve the party members’ conflict situation that is currently destroying the party locally,” Dr Ukemenam concludes in his assessment. “My neutrality is key here in achieving the harmony we desperately need without carrying the bitterness over to post-election. The Liberal Democrats are gaining strength, so are the Greens in Highgate. ‘Virgin voters’ are not seriously being targeted”

His punt finishes with something kind Keith Vaz once said about him. Astonishing.




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  1. Camden Angel // November 13, 2014 at 2:39 am //

    Is it weird to have an open person trying to start a political career or do we want them all to lie to us? He is talking about stuff other people are keeping under cover it is good to have someone who talks to people honestly because politicians are always lying to us.

  2. The Local Labour party situation of “conflict destroying the party” also reflects the national situation.
    Dr Joe to succeed Miliband?

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