The Mayor’s broken stopwatch



THAT thing about the broken stopwatch and the minute’s silence that lasted only 33 seconds. Camden’s Mayor Lazzaro Pietragnoli has apologised for the error at Monday’s full council meeting, of which we suggested the late Charlie Hedges would probably have seen the funny side to. And with a familiar grace that Cllr Pietragnoli has so far shown in the role of borough’s first citizen, he has moved to make amends. Here is an extract from email sent to councillors and chief officers today:

You may have noticed yourselves on Monday evening (before reading it on Richard Osley’s blog yesterday) that during the commemoration of former Councillors Charlie Hedge and Sheila Gunn, I forgot to ask officers to time the one minute silence and mismanaged to set up my own stopwatch – as a result we observed only 33 seconds of silence instead of the traditional one minute.

I would like to apologise to you and to the families and friends of our former colleagues for this mistake. 

As a compensation I have donated 27 pounds (one for each second missed) to the CNJ Christmas Hamper appeal.

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