H & St P: Earthquake tremor alert in Cantelowes

GulliverPatrick French-1EARLIER today, I asked Dr Patrick French whether Camden’s Labour Party was ready for a ‘Patrick French earthquake’. I’m not sure he appreciated the use of borrowing the parlance of Farage, or more likely didn’t find it funny… but this evening he tested the Richter Scale again by following up his win in Highgate by claiming a second nomination in Cantelowes.

This is good for him, because it’s a win beyond his home neighbourhood, as impressive as that was, and it will make it harder for the selection committee to ignore him when they gather at the end of the month to decide who plays in the final showdown on December 13.

Fans of Sarah Hayward, and maybe those of Raj Chada, will be happy with how Cantelowes has voted tonight too, and not just because their favourites picked up noms of their own. Supporters have had a natural inclination to start their description of the result this evening as ‘Keir lost to Patrick’, rather than ‘Patrick won…’ You see where they are going there? 

Certainly, Team Sarah will be happy that Sir Keir Starmer, billed as the market leader in the pockets of coverage in the national press, has proved strong but not invincible in a vote against his male peers locally, and, this, before she has had a shot at him herself.

There’s a long way to go yet, mind.


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