The mansion tax triangle

news090111_04YOU can now trace a triangle of celebrity mansion tax battlers from pin points in Highgate, Hampstead and Bloomsbury after Bill Oddie suggested that he wouldn’t back Labour over the proposed levy on £2 million homes. With a sharp tweet, the South End Green bird watcher appeared to side with Highgate village-dwelling Myleene ‘you can’t just look at a glass of water and say I’ll tax that’ Klass and the pioneer of starry mansion tax refusenikking Griff Rhys Jones, who owns a pad in Fitzroy Square. Labour’s loss in Hampstead and Kilburn is the Green Party’s gain, apparently.


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  1. Chris Knight // November 26, 2014 at 9:05 am //

    Mansion Tax the Liberal Democrat baby has now been adopted by Labour

    Lets not forget that Mansion Tax is basically Property Tax it just makes it sound as though only owners of large properties will have to pay, just wait until both Lab’s & Lib’s suggest reducing the threshold at which their evil tax proposals start. YOUR HOME COULD BE NEXT!!!!!

  2. As I recall, the Green Party’s principal left-of-Labour critique is that Labour isn’t prepared to tax the rich enough. Oddie is therefore planning to vote for a party more likely to tax him more. This is one of the curious phenomena of our times, people voting Green who don’t agree with the Greens’ main policies.

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