Emily Thornberry’s builder bro


IN case you thought you had read everything you could about Emily Thornberry’s tweet from Rochester, here’s her brother Ben’s take on the furore. Ben, the tattooed, van-driving builder. Tom Foot interviewed him in a cafe near Old Street earlier and it’s on the front of Friday’s Islington Tribune, the New Journal’s sister paper.

He obviously does not think Emily is a snob, but look out too for his views on social media: “I see my friends sit and take photos of their food and put it on Facebook. I just can’t understand it. People develop a self-importance. Subtlety is lost completely, and irony. Self-deprecating sarcasm, you can’t get that over on Twitter. You can say one thing and mean exactly the opposite. People can completely misconstrue what is going on.”

There you have it, no more pictures of your dinner please.


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  1. Camden Angel // November 28, 2014 at 2:50 am //

    Her brother is the builder not her. She is a snobbish MP, like most of them, she also can’t be bothered to reply to England flag waving, lowly constituents. Pal of mine wrote to her a few times about housing problems a few years ago and never heard back from her. Too busy living it up with posh, Labour pals – how many of them worked in hands on jobs. She has lost touch.

  2. jackie@mailinator.com // November 30, 2014 at 6:35 pm //

    Well – you thought you HAD heard everything however her Brother is not really a builder she has just dressed him up as a failed piece of PR. It turns out her brother is an aclaimed photojournalist who is doing some work for a charity that is based around the construction trade.

    Snobgate gets worse!

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