Ah, Emily, fancy seeing you here…



IT was nice of MP Emily Thornberry to pop into the Leigh Day and Co’s Christmas party this week. After all, one of the Islington’s law firm’s leading lights is the always-energetic Richard Stein, a former Labour councillor in Camden… and put the emphasis there strongly on ‘former’. For last week he ‘defected’, if you can use that word, to the Green Party after 40 years as a Labour card-carrier.

That won’t have come as a surprise to Labour people on this side of the borough border. Many of the legal cases that Richard has worked on or talked about over the last decade have been challenging ‘New Labour’ policies on academy schools and Almo housing transfers.

But how awkward might it have been for Emily to meet him over the clink of wine glasses this Christmas, given his ‘final straw’ for leaving Labour was apparently her infamous white van tweet from Rochester.

Explaining his move to the Greens, he told the Islington Tribune: “It has been on my to-do list for ages but somehow Rochester finished it all off.”


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