From Camden to York: Hugh Bayley steps down from Parliament

Hugh-Bayley-House-of-Commons-Committee-March-2012INTERESTING developments in York, where the Labour Party has ruled there should be an all women’s shortlist to find a successor to Hugh Bayley in the city centre constituency, which these days is easy, 1-50 territory for the party. Bayley was once a Camden councillor. Before my time, but you can see one commenter on the local newspaper’s website recalling how he was hyped as a far-left candidate from wacky old Camden when he turned up in the city in a bid to stop him winning selection. It didn’t work, and he’s been the MP for 22 years.

But what of that all-women’s shortlist in the search for a successor? Could one of our councillors keen on an upgrade to the House of Commons fancy it, now the show in Holborn and St Pancras is drawing to a close? Local party chairwoman Viv Kind set hares running when she said last week: “We are not necessarily looking for a local candidate – we want the best person for York.”

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