Have Hampstead Labour members been told not to mention the economy?

MILDID 87-year-old Hampstead Labour Party member Cecil Jenkins let an election campaign cat out of the bag this afternoon? At the Fabian Society conference, he got the chance to ask a question to party leader Ed Miliband from the floor and wanted to know why members had been told by strategists not to talk so much about the economy in the run up to May’s general election.

Cecil is widely quoted as saying: “We have been told by the Labour region not to talk too much about the economy because it’s not one of our strengths. Can this conceivably be true?

Miliband delivered a quick ‘no’, and there were titters in the audience for a one-word answer. But later Cecil told the Buzzfeed people that he had heard about, what the website described as a ‘local party order’, through a friend. “We were completely baffled,” he said.


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