TV archive: Name the Camden politician…

YOU may have seen the story in the New Journal a few weeks ago about how Thames TV news archives of the 1980s is being put online. Bits and pieces go up each week, in different forms of editing. For the Camden Council politics heads who follow these pages, the one embedded above should have a real ‘wow, look who it is’ feel to it.

Bob Hoskins seems to put on a voice even deeper than normal as he surveys the peeling Almeida theatre before its life-beating renovation, correctly predicting the bright future that followed for the Islington playhouse. But what of the chipper young campaigner touring the building next to him? Who he?

When you hear the voice, you know…

Take a bow, Chris Naylor, the former Liberal Democrat councillor who that long ago was Camden’s housing chief. You can still spot his name on an almost weekly basis satisfying his letter-writing habit in the pages of the Guardian and the Standard


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