Taxing times on Miliband Street


mansiontax11THE Mail on Sunday went knocking on doors in Ed Miliband’s street in Dartmouth Park the week before last, grabbing at the easy story tree’s low-hanging fruit by asking his neighbours for angry opinions about Labour’s mansion tax policy.

The resulting double page spread titled “MILIBAND STREET, NW5” revealed as many as four neighbours ­– one unnamed – were willing to grizzle at the policy of charging an extra levy on homes worth more than £2 million. You can almost hear the call back to newsdesk asking: “We’ve got four, is that enough?”. 

Mind you, they may well have been wise to seek a quick return to base. Apparently, at least one neighbour, admittedly with connections to the local Labour ranks, tested the speed of the intruding door-knocker by virtually chasing them down the street with a raging warning that nobody from that paper should call again. 

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