Great expectations on Miss Faversham

lauratrottCONSERVATIVE Laura Trott – who spent four years up until 2014 sitting quietly on Camden Council in the safe-as-houses Tory ward of Frognal – is not giving up on her quest for a similarly safe parliamentary seat.

The Downing Street adviser, who former colleagues in Hampstead and Kilburn just wished had said a teensy-weensy bit more during her low key spell at the Town Hall, is following up near misses in Croydon South and Havant by landing on the candidate selection shortlist in Faversham and Mid Kent. What a consolation prize that would be, coming with a sweet 17,000 majority relinquished by the exiting Sir Hugh Robertson.

There are four on a non-enforced all woman shortlist with a result due to be announced in Maidstone on Tuesday. Par for the course in contests like this, the whole thing has already attracted some cutting comments posted to the ConservativeHome megablog.

I have a horrible feeling Laura Trott will get selected here. She can probably turn up to the selection dressed as Herman Goring and CCHQ will say it shows Conservative diversity and openness in selecting a candidate so interested in Germany. 

I wonder if any of them has ever even been to the constituency.

The push for Trott will be very much a No. 10 operation and I will eat my hat if she doesn’t win the final.

As a Fav & Mid Kent resident and ex cchq employee, and a woman, I am seriously unimpressed with the shortlist. Crap sifting local committee, trying to shoe horn in people who have no connection with the area & are token ‘high powered’ females. Wrong wrong wrong.

And so on.

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