Let’s put Piers in the firing line


NOT so long ago, the BBC was presenting Piers Wauchope as a posh passer-by, vox-popping him for his political views without explaining the fact that he is a UKIP parliamentary candidate. On Sunday night, his affiliation was laid bare in the BBC’s Meet The Ukippers, a documentary which looked at the UKIP members beyond Nigel Farage’s spotlight-hogging prominence.

Still wearing his glasses perched on his forehead, like he used to while listening to the speeches in Camden Town Hall, where he was leader of the Camden Conservatives for many years, Piers was shown being heckled and hooted at by vegans and animal rights campaigners in Ramsgate. It didn’t matter that he was there to speak in agreement with their call for a stop to live animal exports. UKIP was not welcome, the furious man in the bobble hat made clear.

In the end, he retreats from the growing throng of cat-callers to the safety of some sort of beach hut, presumably to report back to his party colleagues, shown earlier, grinning and delighting in the idea of ‘putting Piers into the firing line’. His memory of Ellen Luby squawking at him from the public gallery at the Judd Street must now seem very tame. 



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  1. Chris Knight // February 25, 2015 at 10:32 am //

    Piers did the right thing by speaking out about live animal exports no matter what his politics.

    I have worked on the costal strip from Margate to Ramsgate for many years and have witnessed at first hand the feeling of those who protest.

    It seems that it was simply an anti UKIP flash mob that turned up, shame they did not listen!!

  2. Keith Sedgwick // February 26, 2015 at 11:29 pm //

    I love Piers’ response to the heckler’s question on fox hunting. It reminds me of his response to a question concerning spanking bishops. So artfully obtuse, so funny and so Piers. God bless him! Camden’s loss, I’m sure.

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