H&K: Jackson vs Cameron at Prime Minister’s Questions

LABOUR’S Glenda Jackson is not going to go quietly. Yesterday, she was up and down in her Commons seat like a jumping jack until she was called at Prime Minister’s Questions. When she was, she gave it the full Glenda with a raspy accusation about David Cameron responding to a policy enquiry submitted to Downing Street by ‘outsourcing’ it to Tory colleagues who replied with a letter branded in a Tory logo and a wish that they will support the Conservatives in the future.

The protocol is normally that the PM responds to the MP who has raised an issue on a constituent’s behalf without the party politics of Tory letter-headed paper. What you certainly aren’t supposed to do is hand the postbag over to Conservative Central Office to deal with. This, Glenda insisted, was “gross misuse of national property and revenue”. Cameron pledged to investigate but not so mortified that he could resist a joke about the number of letters he plans to send voters in Hampstead and Kilburn in the weeks ahead of May’s general election. 

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  1. Chris knight // February 26, 2015 at 6:58 pm //

    Blimey who switched her on then???

  2. Keith Sedgwick // February 26, 2015 at 11:43 pm //

    Of all the sodding issues she could have raised concerning her constituency, she obsesses about paper heading. Really?!!

    I’m reminded about a documentary on the wireless I heard a while back, about a group of lefties who were resolved to show their disgust at American foreign policy, by throwing up on the steps of the London embassy, but never did, in the end, as the row over how exactly they going to make themselves to regurgitate, caused their group to disband in acrimonious disagreement.

    This is the sort of sterile, self-regarding, pointless, petty-minded, irrelevant and self-aggrandising politics of the left, that personally, makes me want to throw up!

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