And please welcome your host…

TULIP Siddiq remains a favourite with Labour’s big crunchers. She was picked to introduce Ed Miliband at a recent event at the Royal Institute of British Architects, and this morning she was the compere again as Ed Balls announced Labour’s economic plans at the RSA. People reading three steps ahead, will be computing what such invitations mean for her career rise should she – and a Labour government – get elected in May. When the New Statesman’s George Eaton tweeted the pictures of them on stage, however, even some of the most earnest, desperate-not-to-appear-heightist viewers wondered whether the organisers could have thought about an alternative stage set-up.


2 Comments on And please welcome your host…

  1. Hi Richard or CNJ Editor (s)

    I’ve been trying to get through CNJ, no reply from you phone. Please, reply to my communication..


  2. Loving the new mood board- ‘A better plan, a better fuchsia’?


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