Health campaigners get empty chair out for Lynne Featherstone

lynnefTHERE were two Save The Whittington marches. The first came when Labour were still in government and Liberal Democrat Lynne Featherstone was right at the front of the good fight. By the time, everyone trampled up the Holloway Road again in defence of the hospital, the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition was in charge of things, and there was the odd scene where Labour MPs raced to the front of the march while Lynne, almost out of sight, was tucked away in the main group. She later said that she had not been invited to speak at the rally outside the hospital.

Relations between the MP and the campaign group Defend The Whittington Hospital coalition do not seem to have improved since then. They’ve forgotten her first name for starters.

Tonight, there are pre-election hustings organised by the campaigners but they claim Lynne has turned down their invite. The explanation will be the busy diary of a woman in government, but organisers say an empty chair is nevertheless going to be placed on the stage. In fact there will be no Lib Dems to answer questions at Islington Town Hall at all.

The press notice reads: “For the Lib Dems, we asked Lynne Featherstone, who declined. We then asked Terry Stacey. He has also declined. We will have an empty chair for Lynne Featherstone.”

You can almost hear the Whittington Cat meow from here.

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  1. Richard

    I have always thought that Lynne Featherstone is rather quick to claim what is not really hers.

    Back in around 2004/5, when I was Chair of Streets and Transport for Camden, we were mindful of the concern of a great number residents around Fitzjohn’s Avenue who saw their neighbourhood deluged by parents on the school run. This area had (and probably still has) more schools within a two mile radius than anywhere else in Europe. The number of kids arriving and departing by car was huge.

    With the help of a great team of officers, TfL was persuaded to open a bus service from Muswell Hill and back each day. I recollect that two buses did the journey, to coincide with school hours, each day.

    Lynne loved to claim it was her doing. As a fellow politician I perfectly understood that this is part of the game, but Camden’s officers were justifiably peeved.

    Gerry Harrison (1994 – 2006)

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