Morning update 23.03.15: All we are saaaying…


IT was another weekend to wonder whether Jessica Learmond-Criqui, the spirited community campaigner, will ever run for election, somewhere, some time. Her energy would be a use for any visibly-tired election campaign. Last year, she was telling for the Tories at a polling station in Frognal, but has, by all accounts, so far resisted overtures from the party. Members wanted her to stand for the Town Hall. Some say, she’d be even better as a parliamentary candidate. It’s maybe something for another day, for on Sunday, Jessica was busy in the middle of the strictly non-political – strictly, according to the organisers – march and protest against the New End nurses’ home development in NW3. Megaphone aloft, there she was, alongside Sebastian Wocker, editor of the Hampstead Village Voice magazine, who if you were down to your last casino chip you wouldn’t bet on him voting for the Conservatives, singing Lennon’s Give Peace A Chance. A lovely duet, but more importantly, there were 200 to 250 people behind them. That’s good organising against the big bad developers.


GLENDA Jackson granted ITV London’s Rags Martel an interview on Saturday morning, for yet another piece about how marginal the constituency she is leaving behind is. The camera crews are going to keep coming to Hampstead and Kilburn in the next few weeks and the retiring MP already seems a bit fatigued by the fuss. Those in on the interview say a cameraman who asked her to hang on at the end for a couple more moments to get some walk-in shots got iced, leaving Tulip Siddiq to do the smiley pleasantries.


CLAIRE-LOUISE Leyland, the Conservative leader, and Labour’s enviro chief Sally Gimson were both tweeting pictures of themselves in high-viz jackets on Friday: CLL was visiting a housing regeneration project, while Sally was litter picking. Apparently, the old adage that three is a trend could have applied to councillors in luminous yellow, but Labour backbenchers Meric Apak and Awale Olad have banned publication of what they looked like in their high-viz bibs, even though the pictures exist.


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