Julian to sign off as Camden’s housing chief

imageIT’S one of the most important cabinet portfolios at the Town Hall but also one of the most demanding. Be the housing chief, and get ready for midnight calls about broken pipes and heater failures.

What’s more, you have to try and help people in desperate straits with a limited resource, and face the anger at regular meetings with tenants. So best of  luck to whoever replaces Labour’s Julian Fulbrook, who has announced this evening he will relinquish the role at the group’s annual general meeting in May.

There was a wind of a rumour that the queue of people looking to get on the cabinet were interested in edging him from the top table, but Julian isn’t really running away from a fight. He’s stuck out the challenges listed above for the last five years, after all.

Haywardite Danny Beales is the name circling this evening as a possible successor.


After many words on the blog this week, it was interesting that one sentence, the last one on this post, seems to have got the rake up. It took me surprise, as it  didn’t feel like a grenade of any sort when it slipped off the keyboard. The irritation, if that’s the right word, appears to be that Cllr Beales is mentioned here, and not Meric Apak. The speedy cavalry at the door was intriguing in itself for a sourceless hack like me though. Apologies to Danny, who nonetheless should consider himself very much loved.

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  1. Danny Beales // March 25, 2015 at 7:20 pm //

    Think you may need to get new sources in the Labour Group Richard! Smoke and mirrors there, but I’m flattered anyway!

  2. As your blog predicted Sarah won’t like those that preferred Sir Keir, and Meric came up with that scrutiny report eventually. Besides if she bought all three Councillors in Cantelowes into the Cabinet, she’d could build a hotel on it like in King’s Cross. Kentish Town gets Wahaca only at present.

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