Hampstead Tories try to recruit Tower Hamlets Labour councillor for canvassing

PECKbonitaleeYOU see the guy on the right, with the red tie listening to Ed Miliband. That’s Josh Peck, a Labour councillor in Tower Hamlets. That’s important. He’s Labour. A two-second Google search will reinforce that. He is Labour. La-bour.

And yet the Conservative parliamentary campaign in Hampstead and Kilburn seem to be determined to recruit him to their own efforts to help Simon Marcus in his general election battle with Tulip Siddiq.

Due to some sort of interwebby-email gremlin at Conservative central office, Josh’s email address has landed up on the list of Simon’s supporters, a group of people who basically get a daily appeal to deliver leaflets and knock on doors (and donate money) for him. He got an invite to the party for canvassers where they all sat down and watched episode after episode of the new series of House Of Cards as reward for a day’s campaigning. He was invited to the Guido Fawkes talk this week. And has received countless emails telling him that it’s time for the Tories to take on Labour’s boots on the ground.

Clearly, an error and fed up of being bombarded with emails from the Tories’ Heath Hurst Road headquarters, Josh contacted them to explain where his very public loyalties lie and asked them to stop the inbox onslaught. Here is another kinda crazy bit. Conservative Bonita Lee, whether in some deep form of sarcasm or alive with glorious optimism, writes back: “I am assuming that you will be devoting all your efforts to your own party but should you wish to support Simon by canvassing or delivering leaflets, please do give us a ring…”

If it was meant as the most deadpan of jokes, you’d think the Tories would at least take Josh off the list afterwards. But oh no. The Marcus mail keeps coming, right into a Labour man’s lap. Today, he received the weekend’s agenda for ┬áTory canvassing in Hampstead and Kilburn and a request to get back out on the streets early on Monday (see below). Here he was sent a link to the Mamas and Papas’ video for Monday, Monday and an awkwardly bad joke about Bob Geldof not liking Mondays but the Hampstead Tories loving them. Rock on.

Josh, a friend of Tulip, you will probably be unsurprised, politely declined Bonita’s offer and asked again to be spared the daily email.



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  1. Break-fast // March 27, 2015 at 10:36 pm //

    … scrambled eggs politics ;- no toast though.

  2. I find their optimism endearing. Both in the idea that Josh might campaign for them and that Tulip will be caught napping! Bless them.

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