Morning update 30.03.15: Farage’s favourite brew?

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EVERY company likes to see their products get a bit of exposure on the national stage, but what thinks the supercool Camden Brewery of this weekend’s Observer magazine. There’s Nigel Farage on the front cover enjoying a pint of their lager, along with some Union Jack fish and chips. The brewery has been a major hit since opening under the arches in Kentish Town, so popular in fact that when it asked for help in paying for a new brewery, it raised a million sum in no time through crowd-funding.

Even people like me who wear dull work shirts from M&S, never had a beard and aren’t au fait with the complete back catalogues of every Danish-Swedish glockenspiel-led indie band drink their beer. It’s good. But the craft beer revolution, to give it a grander title than it probably needs, has led to the Camden company being lightly labelled with a hipster image – a compliment to some, a sneer to others. Either way, the shot of Farage halfway through his beer, led to a quick amendment from Scene and Heard…


FRANK Dobson ceases to be an MP today. He officially handed the Labour baton to Sir Keir Starmer last night, as the new candidate’s defence of Holborn and St Pancras began in the crowded hall of the Gospel Oak Community Centre. He’s been doing a round of interviews to mark the date, and he has been pretty consistent in each about former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Dobson always gives him his due for the Good Friday agreement, but is not about to start pretending everything was hunky-dory. Hell, no. To the Telegraph, he says of the time TB asked him to run for Mayor: “It was the most stupid time anyway. I foolishly resigned [as Health Secretary to stand for Mayor of London]. But if he [Ken Livingstone] hadn’t broken his word he wouldn’t have become Mayor because he promised if he didn’t win the nomination he wouldn’t stand. That was the worst time really. Blair said if you do stand and it doesn’t work, I’ll see you all right. I’m still waiting. I had a promised I would return to the government.”


ASIDE from the mighty use of clip-art, Hampstead and Kilburn candidate Simon Marcus’ latest campaign leaflet ends with a tantalising cliffhanger. The message from the Conservative hope reads: “I did not go into politics”, and without a full stop to end the sentence, we are left wondering what might be coming in the next instalment. We are also invited to stay tuned to his Twitter account: SimonMarcus4MP. Anybody picking up the leaflet and logging on, should be warned, however. The channel has tweeted just once, back in 2013.  Two hundred and thirty odd followers are waiting with baited breath for the next update.



Lord Kinnock knocks up the Chalcots. No tape of his rallying words has so far been made available…

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  1. Chris Knight // March 30, 2015 at 9:23 pm //

    Look at that Handsome devil on the right of the photo! Whats Cllr Don Williams doing knocking around with Tulip?

    + Being no stranger to Thanet South or a decent pint Camden Brewery produce mean beer, but if your ever in Broadstairs pop into the 39 Steps where you can get a variety of craft and local beers at £3 a pint, just don’t tell Nigel.

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