Morning update 02.04.15: The fools


THE New Journal’s April Fools prank about a new council tax on photos at Camden Lock was shared around the Town Hall and caught at least one opposition councillor out. I shall not name them because it is all meant to be just a bit of fun. The Mayor Lazzaro Pietragnoli saw through our cunning trick straightaway at least, and countered it with an email to all councillors. Amusing it was too:

Dear all,

I really find difficult to start this e-mail with the word “friends” or “comrades”, as I used to do until few days ago. Though I still have great respect for some of you, my trust towards the group has now reached a minimum low.

I am really disgusted and personally offended to see that –once again!- our private discussions at the Labour group are leaked to the CNJ – see link below:

When we have a confidential discussion at the group, it is matter of mutual respect and trust that the conversation remains private to the Labour group members. Not to mention the damage that this public debate is causing to the party and the administration, in a moment when we should be focusing in campaigning together for the General Elections.

This is the umpteenth occasion and it really shows that someone is absolutely unable to keep their mouth shut, they do not care about the party, they do not support fully the Labour Administration.

I really have enough of all this – it is a very difficult decision but I have now made my mind up and, as a sign of protest against the lack of trust within the group, I have decided I will not be part of Camden Labour group any longer.

As per today, 1st of April, I will be forming a new group in the Council, called “Primrose Hill Champagne Socialist Group” and really hope that many of you will join me, as it will be the real group promoting socialist values for Camden residents.

If not for that, I really hope some of you will join me, at least for the champagne.


P.S. – do not bother to pass this to Richard Osley. He is already included in the circulation list!


CONSERVATIVE councillor Jonny Bucknell, we all know from his annual Halloween decorations, loves a minor date in the calendar. So he goes wild for April Fool’s Day, and plays a prank every year. One year, he sat ‘fishing’ in Whitestone Pond. This year, he made do with an email gag to local Tory colleagues, sent with the subject field ‘Belsize By-election’. The trouble is, it all sounds exactly like something JB would actually do.

I may have to stand down since I am about to apply for one of the top jobs in the BBC. This will be a full time commitment with a lot of time abroad.

It is not the Director General, he is just a puppet; however, they will be looking for someone to replace Jeremy Clarkson. For those of you who are fans, Top Gear frequently had races between different forms of transport to constantly remind us that you can’t beat the car. I am going to do something similar and send a pilot to the BBC.

We are going skiing on 4th April and Alison suggested going by train. This turned out to be an extortion racket if you use Eurostar.  I suggested going by the ferry and train but Alison freaked out at catching a bus from Calais ferry port to the station trying to get a local bus at the other end.

We are both setting out on Sunday morning. Alison is going to fly and I will go at dawn by bus, train, ferry, bus, train and bus. We are going to see who gets there first.

Before anyone freaks out I would remind you of today’s date!!!!


IT didn’t stop there, there was a dozen likes on Facebook for council leader Sarah Hayward’s expansive mock-press release on council plans to bring llama farming to Russell Square


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  1. All about as funny as each other…how much do we pay for them to say something serious to which we might listen to? or indeed attend meetings on time?

  2. Don’t these politicians, especially the head of the Labour councillors, have anything better to do with their time. Let us hope they don’t try and give themselves a pay rise this year.

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