All is forgiven? Tottenham parliamentary candidate poses with Sol Campbell

ilwJVUATTHE Tories pulled out of St Pancras earlier with a coachload of campaigners heading to Thanet South in a bid to try and douse UKIP Nigel Farage’s parliamentary campaign. On the team bus was Holborn and St Pancras candidate Will Blair (see right)  and, perhaps more headline-seizing, Sol Campbell, the former England international footballer.

As the blue bus zipped its way to Kent, volunteers took turns in the seat next to mansion-tax hating defender for selfies. These included Stefan Mrozinski, the parliamentary candidate running against Labour’s David Lammy in Tottenham. Some might say this was an extraordinarily courageous and forgiving union for a man searching for votes up that end of the Seven Sisters Road… given Sol’s acrimonious transfer from Tottenham to their fierce neighbourhood rivals, Arsenal.

Many vote-holding locals still haven’t forgiven big Sol for choosing Arsenal as his next stop, and will forever regard him as White Hart Lane’s ultimate traitor. There were ‘Judas’ placards whenever he went back to play against Spurs.

Still, as the proud tweets say, he’s backing Stefan for Tottenham, and presumably there will be no splitting this time.




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