In pictures: Placard battle for the Kilburn High Road

IMG_8431KilburnYOU can read all about the placard battle in the Kilburn High Road in the Camden New Journal this morning; jets and sharks staring down each other across a 50 metre slab of pavement following a curious carnival procession from Classy Chicks to the Black Lion. The snap above has to be my favourite picture from what was quite a spectacle, as Labour’s Tulip Siddiq tried to wriggle in and drive Boris Johnson away from what Labour supporters feel is their home turf. Labour supporters will see it as a defiant ambush, while the Tories will sketch it as a cheap intervention. Liberal Democrats, meanwhile, may curse the whole circus as a portrait of a two-horse race.

But the three people on the park bench perhaps sum up what folks not so stoked on general election fever make of it all. 

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