Just good friends: Jowell and Izzard say no to mayoralty pact conspiracy theory

LABOUR buddies Dame Tessa Jowell and Eddie Izzard were touring close-run London constituencies yesterday, thanking volunteers and knocking on a few doors. They stopped to meet the Tulip campaign in Queen’s Park, where there was lots of whooping when the marathon-running comedian confirmed (again) that he intends to stand to be the Mayor of London, or an MP, in 2020. With Tessa wanting to be Labour’s nom for Mayor in the next round, and the obvious warmth between the two at the street stall, it seemed fair enough to ask whether there was a Granita-style pact in place for Tessa do one term and then move over for Eddie… should Labour re-take the mayoralty from the Conservatives that is.

No, nooo, nothing like that, noooo, was the tenor of the response, listen below, with Tessa insisting their partnership on the day was simply ‘friendship and co-operation’.

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