Morning update 13.04.15: The tweet police



cooper 2TORY riser Oliver Cooper has yet to have been whipped away by the rozzers, despite a Buzzfeed article last week which said Labour had called in the police to investigate his tweets. The Hampstead Town by-election candidate has accused Labour rivals of wasting police time after members complained to the police about a photoshopped tweet which had been altered to make it look like Labour were offering sweets in return for votes in Brigg and Goole, Yorkshire.

Cooper hadn’t done the doctoring himself and was re-tweeting someone else’s jokey picture. Nevertheless, a spokesman for Labour candidate Jacky Crawford confirmed her campaign team had gone to the fuzz. “We have reported this to the police as it is clearly a deliberate attempt to give the impression that the Labour Party is ‘treating’ voters, which they will be aware is banned by the Representation of the People Act,” a spokesman told the website.  Cooper was walking the streets of NW3 this weekend as a free man, perhaps a clue to how the police have dealt with the complaint.


Comedian Eddie Izzard was keen to stress that he was volunteering on the doorstep in Queen’s Park, and, to use his words, had carved the time out of his diary to be there, helping Labour’s Tulip Siddiq out in the Hampstead and Kilburn election battleground. Here’s his words of thanks to the rank-and-file, and the whoops when he says again that come 2020, he’ll be running for mayor or a parliamentary seat.


THE mystery thickens as to the identity of the Sunday Times’s ‘figure close to Ed Miliband’ who yesterday predicted that Tulip is a ‘future PM in waiting’. If anyone sees Tulip in the street from now on, make sure you say ‘oh aye, here comes the future PM’. One-to-two it will be met with a campaign office response that it is all a touch embarrassing for their candidate, rather than a perfect compliment. Rivals are already suggesting the figure close to Ed Miliband is Tulip herself, because that’s how minds overtick in local politics. She flatly denies that conspiracy and says she just wants to get elected in Hampstead and Kilburn. Of course.


In the background to the door-to-door election campaigning, Camden Labour are also warming up for their council group AGM, which as we have seen in the past can be a chaotic night as cabinet places are decided. This year may turn out to be a more sedate affair, with the only councillor rumoured to be interested in a wildcard leadership challenge said to be now hurtling away from the idea. It would be audacious, given the number of Labour councillors who backed Sarah Hayward in the Holborn and St Pancras parliamentary selection contest and the general theme within the local party here, and everywhere else, that everybody should be pulling together to defeat the Tories and Lib Dems (and the Greens) at the general election, rather than picking internal fights. There will be a change here, and a change there – Julian Fulbrook is relinquishing the housing role for example – but we are told not to expect too much blood on the carpet.


Nash, hangs with the stars of The Only Way Is Essex, as you do. For clarity, the former council leader is the one on the left. 

Sian admires the Have I Got News For You opening credits

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  1. Nasim Ali // April 13, 2015 at 8:55 am //

    Richard, they were floating voters now more aware of the Labour values #VoteLabour. Every vote counts!!

  2. Chris knight // April 13, 2015 at 10:18 am //

    Labour whingers want arresting for wasting Police time!!!

  3. After Joey Essex from TOWIE was declared as a friend of UKIP Nash Ali should be a bit more careful who he is seen with.
    Nice to see New/Old Labour has not let us down with Tulip the candidate for Hampstead, yet another upper class, privileged person with friends in high places who pretends to know what it is like for ordinary working class people.

  4. #getarealjobtulip #scaredlabourouncillorswhodon’tunderstandwhatdemocracyis

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