Morning update 14.04.15: RIP Ronnie

morningupdate5RIP RING-A-DING RONNIE

EUROVISION singer Ronnie Carroll liked to mix things up with his curious adventures standing for election in Hampstead and elsewhere, so there’s a part of me that thinks he’d be smiling at the sheer panic his sad death at the age of 80 caused among the general election teams here. As his name had been entered to stand again on May 7 for his Eurovisionary Party – in the past, he stood for the Make Politicians History Party and Rainbow George’s Rainbow Dream Ticket – questions were raised as to whether the constituency would have to be countermandered after his sad death yesterday and held on a delayed date. This would certainly have been the case if he was affiliated to one of the major parties, but, hold your horses, because Ronnie was effectively an independent, the rules say no brake to the process needs to be applied. Given all the candidates have been through to get to this point, this is a major sigh of relief for them. I don’t think any of them fancy an extra four weeks of campaigning. Not so much delight in hand, of course, for Ronnie’s friends and relatives, who last night were paying tribute to a character who had twice represented the UK at Eurovision. In 1997, he won 141 votes when the constituency was still Hampstead and Highgate. It’s a shame he will not now get the chance to beat that score.


We learned last night, well Conservative Jonny Bucknell did, that all eating is banned at full council meetings. The rule was enforced by Mayor Lazzaro Pietragnoli after JB was caught tucking into the leftovers of his Sunday duck roast. T-Money raised the complaint that this was ‘not just a cheeky Snickers’. Good to see a copy of the CNJ stashed away under the beams, though.




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