Evening update 25.04.15: An excursion to Thanet



WP_20150420_08_14_24_ProTHE Conservatives may talk about Hampstead and Kilburn being one of their key targets at the general election, if not the main one. But, for special occasions, permission notes can be obtained by volunteers to leave the local battleground here and head to Thanet to join the piefight there with Nigel Farage and Ukip. We know this, because former councillor Chris ‘Knighty’ Knight brings news from his own excursion to Kent.

From the scene, he sends back a picture of an old friend, yup, Piers Wauchope, the former leader of the Camden Conservatives now very much part of the Ukip army, wrapped around the pages of the local paper. 


AFTER a tweet appeared this afternoon claiming Labour are using paid deliveries in Hampstead and Kilburn, it seemed only fair to check with Tulip and her team to see whether they had resorted to such methods to get as many leaflets as possible stuffed through letterboxes. “Get a grip”, an aide responded, unable to contain their exasperation. They ask the ladies and gentlemen of the jury to note that the picture makes it impossible to identify the Pick Tulip operative. 


Camden Conservative leader Claire-Louise Leyland, standing in West Tyrone at the general election, makes a food stop in Strabane.

The big sign battle, outlined by Camden councillors Siobhan Baillie and Lorna Russell.

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  1. Chris Knight // April 26, 2015 at 11:55 am //

    Richard, I do work in Broadstairs at least once a month which involves the odd Saturday morning, so rather than waste time travelling back to London an afternoons work in South Thanet seems sensible.

    I notice you did not check the content of the paper and reveal the Thanet Extra’s poll which shows a considerable Tory lead over Nigel and leaves Labour as also rans. This is because the local Conservatives have a solid and efficient campaign team, hardworking and dedicated to winning the seat.

    As for the Kent Lib Dems they’d best get up here to H&K support Mr Nawaz as the rest of H&K Lib Dems are as rare as “Rocking horse poo” around here.

  2. I knew Richard would be saving some gems.

    OMG! CLL, MA, MP, Co. Tyrone (West) , KFC. It’ll be even more work for the stone-mason.I think she’s great.

    Lovely shot of Tulip/Lorna posing with Phil and Thomas (?) outside non-affordable housing on your random Camden street because someone forgot to pay the living wage since about 1980, perhaps?

    The big question is where can we buy those fetching battle bags?

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