Evening update 29.04.15: Emma Thompson appears



THE candidates in Holborn and St Pancras met for hustings again this evening at the Primrose Hill Community Association with Pat Callaghan substituting for Sir Keir Starmer, who is preparing for a family funeral. As has now become par for the course at the hustings events in the constituency, the Socialist Equality Party’s David O’Sullivan claimed he had been unfairly left on the stage and demanded an audience vote as to whether he should be allowed to join the candidates. The room voted yes, yes he could.


IMG_7914Before telling the Primrose Hill Community Centre anything about her campaign, Lib Dem candidate Jill Fraser  said: ‘Apparently I’m not a Lib Dem, according to Richard Osley, I’m the Lib Dem bird’.

There were boos and hisses across the room at this dastardly local journalist she was referring to. It was a bit naughty of her to invite the panto catcalls.

‘Twas not my fault, after all, that some people emailed in to say they had flicked a coarse double take at the recent Lib Dem leaflets in Camden.


Emma Thompson Tulip Siddiq LabourASKED about her political allegiances by The Times last year, Oscar winner Emma Thompson said: “I can’t support any of it at the moment.” When quizzed if she’d vote at all, she said: “I don’t know.” There doesn’t seem to be the same uncertainty in her mind now the big day is almost upon us.

Another recent snap from the Siddiq selfie scrapbook shows Emma offering a cuddle and grin with the Labour candidate in her Hampstead and Kilburn constituency. 




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  1. Pat Callaghan? Not Raj, not Patrick, not Angela nor indeed Sarah. Well, that says it all.

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