Morning update 01.05.15: Bulla Bulla Bulla


rockstarTHE Tories answered the recent criticism that they were not pumping up their campaign in Hampstead and Kilburn enough with big hitter visits by bringing London Mayor Boris Johnson for a second visit today. He toured Hampstead village – again, the crowds wanted selfies – and then he and his team crammed into Simon Marcus’s car and drove over to Kilburn for some more canvassing. The only time he seemed lost for words was when someone at the fish shop asked why the coalition government had coincided with Fulham FC falling from a place in the Europa League final to the near relegation to the third tier of English football. Unsure what to say, he said something along the lines: “I support all London teams, vaguely. I’m sorry to hear this”

In Hampstead, this Periscope (live broadcast app on Twitter) film showed the moment he was cheered with a shout of Bulla, Bulla, Bulla… taken to be a reference to the Bullingdon Club, but laughed away by Boris as possibly referring to new bollards in Church Row. Later, if you excuse the close up of candidate Simon Marcus, live Periscope users had asked whether he was part of Boris’s security team. 

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