Evening update 02.05.15: Will Boris pay the mansion tax, and Ed Miliband, the guy who plays pool with a rest

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BORIS Johnson’s march around Hampstead was meant as a reminder to the local campaign that it hasn’t been forgotten. I asked the London Mayor whether Chris Grayling’s gaffish comments earlier in the week about billboard advertising being reserved for marginal seats elsewhere, testing whether the Conservatives thought it was ‘game over’ and quick as flash, he played a switcharoo. “No, I think Labour has just about a fighting chance,” he rapped. Clever. He was less speedy in his response when, after going in hard on that divisive issue of Labour’s mansion tax plan, I asked him if he would be liable to pay the extra charge himself at his Islington yard. Readers of these pages will have different opinions as to whether it is relevant or not, but Boris certainly thinks it isn’t… as you can hear below after a shuffly pause for thought.


WHO wants to be the guy in the pub who uses the rest to pot a ball on a pool table? It is usually the source of Lads Bibleish mocking if anyone does it down The Black Heart. Ed Miliband has been doing quite well at shedding his geeky image in these last few weeks of the general campaign but when given the chance to shoot pool with Ronnie O’Sullivan, this is peak Walter. If his shirt or tie had fouled at the other end of the table with a stretch, I’m sure the Rocket wouldn’t have insisted on a free ball. But no – Ed wanted the rest. Looks like he’s going to miss that corner pocket too.



WHO knows whether Periscope will take off in the same way as Twitter has, but we found a good use for the new app for a fair few minutes yesterday. It basically lets everybody who is online see what you are filming on your phone live, as it happens. Although the technology at the moment may sometimes only transfer blotchy pictures, live footage of Ed Balls line dancing in Kilburn from my phone spread around the internet. Thanks to Martin Belam for a funny tweet about Sky’s Faisal Islam trying to pull viewers away from the Ballsy dosey-dos to watch Nick Clegg somewhere else. Further below is some of the footage from the Kingsgate Community Centre, in case you haven’t already seen it – including the bit where Balls is told off for showing off. Tulip Siddiq can be seen throwing shapes too.

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