Morning update 04.05.15: Mr Shine on the Kilburn High Road


DANNY Shine is well known in Camden Town. Last summer, his megaphone ordering passers-by not to eat McDonald’s or pick up the Standard was the main competition for DJ Grandpa’s mobile disco outside the station. He rails against the terrible world with its terrible politics and people can’t really argue back because his megaphone will drown you out. Sometimes he’s witty, sometimes he’s irritating. There are hundreds of videos of him on YouTube, most recently urging people not to vote as a message to the politicians that the system is all wrong. Voting is self-harm, he will megaphone at you.

While I was doing interviews in Kilburn High Road last week, he suddenly appeared, marching into Tulip Siddiq’s Labour Party office. He demanded an interview. She wasn’t there – so he spent the next 15 minutes on the blasterphone. He stopped me with his video camera and asked me ‘what’s it’s all about?’, as he does. I told him I’d seen his films and it wasn’t for me to answers his questions. So he went back to the street performance, vowing to return to doorstep Tulip before the end of the campaign.

Maybe it might lead her to think twice about retaining a local office in such a prominent place. She has insisted that there will be a constituency office post-Glenda and a more visible Labour presence if she is elected on Thursday, without specifying exactly where that base will be. The walks-in should be interesting.


A MAIL thief has stolen a round of post somewhere within the Holborn and St Pancras constituency, which is bad news for Lib Dem candidate Jill Fraser and the stealer themselves. Her latest mail-out was in the bag. So her message to voters has gone astray, while the thief is going to struggle to fence a sack of political leaflets down the Rec. 


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