CLL, ‘the only other candidate on the panel with a womb’

FullSizeRenderCLAIRE-LOUISE Leyland, the leader of Camden’s Conservatives, has often urged councillors at the Town Hall to be… well, a little more polite to each other at council meetings. So, what must she make of the hustings in West Tyrone, the scene of her general election adventure. There seems to be a little bit of suspicion of the councillor from London coming over and standing for the Conservatives in a Sinn Fein stronghold. When she explained her life story of coming to the UK with just a backpack, an opponent snapped back that he didn’t really care about ‘backpack or no backpack’ because of the coalition government’s approach to slimming down public spending. This turned out to be pretty small chips at the West Tyrone Decides hustings, organised by the regional papers there last week, however.

For enter, the independent candidate Susan-Anne White, who wanted her mad say on marriage equality. You might want to close your ears as she blames ‘this Claire-Louise Party for legalising sodomised marriage’. However tetchy things get in the council chamber in Camden, thankfully nothing like this ever happens, and councillors of all political shades were delighted to see the first gay wedding at the Town Hall a couple of minutes after midnight on day one of it being made legally possible.

Earlier in the evening, btw, CLL had to keep her cool when she was invited to speak as the ‘only other person on the panel with a womb’ when a question on abortion was put to the candidates. Friends in Camden are looking forward to hearing more about her adventures in N.I. when she returns to north London on Friday. 


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