And now over to Mr Smooth


THE award for most unashamed bit of bragging of the election, locally, has to go to Oliver Cooper, the winner of the Hampstead Town by-election and Camden’s newest councillor. He’s been hanging around in the public gallery of full council meetings for long enough, and now, lucky boy, he gets to sit on the big seats… thanks to what he is celebrating here as a historic books victory. It’s not quite clear how long Oliver took scanning through the records before providing us with this nugget of news/champion bragging:

Mr Slick is one to watch. He’s knows the angles, the right responses; he’s tipped as someone who will move up locally and maybe one day stand for parliament himself. And it’s that smoothness which made this hot-take film a bit of a chuckle. It was taken straight after his win had been announced in the sports hall on Friday morning, and for once Cllr Cooper was lost for words.

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  1. Chris Knight // May 10, 2015 at 11:10 am //

    Brilliant result, shame about Theo’s snide remarks though, but then again thats what you expect from a bad loser!

    Bit of advice Theo nobody likes a bad loser!!!

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