What happened when Will Blair went to vote…


WILL Blair? Will blared at more like. Ok, that’s a bit laboured, but there was a thick-of-it timing to the polling station ‘walk-in’ shot we tried to film with the Conservative candidate in Holborn and St Pancras on Thursday afternoon. Will is seen by many as one of the nice guys of Camden’s politics, and he acquitted himself well with some smart repartee and an honest response to standing in one of Labour’s safest seats. So even some of his opponents were wincing in solidarity when a heckler in a passing car told him that he was revolting, that he should rot in hell, and at the very least get off NHS land – for the polling station was in a doctor’s surgery in Kentish Town. The simple task of walking in to vote had gone all wrong, but he handles it well. He tries to talk to her, even if it’s clearly a lost cause, and then fronts up a second vid.

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