Tulip volunteer Hannah Riley confronts Alastair Campbell and the Question Time suits


A YOUNG woman who challenged Alastair Campbell and the rest of the suit-wearing guests on the post-election Question Time was one of the volunteers who helped energise Tulip Siddiq’s campaign in Hampstead and Kilburn. She was often in the campaign office helping out as a photographer when I was reporting up there during the campaign.

Campbell obviously didn’t realise the link when he kept telling Hannah Riley to ‘get engaged’, after she questioned why working class, northern women are not represented on politics’ biggest stage. She’s been engaged in helping Tulip get elected in the neighbouring seat to his own home constituency. Hers is an enduring and fair point about representation too. Instead of really answering it, however, Paddy Ashdown effortlessly glided the debate onto electoral reform and how many votes each party needed to win a seat in the Commons.

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