You there eating the sandwich? I’m not sure about HS2

LABOUR mayoral hopeful David Lammy popped up at Euston this week to remind people that he has doubts about the £50 billion HS2 rail scheme. Full marks to his press team here for their admirable commitment to realism. No cropping or picture-bending, no stooges to fill the frame, Lammy’s people provided newspapers with the wide-angle photograph below, showing their streetfighting, soapboxing politician trying to catch the attention of people on the station forecourt. It’s a first for me: how often does a political campaign circulate a photo where their man is speaking to a crowd of people looking the other way, lost in sandwiches or with their iPod earphones in. It’s 10/10 for brutal honesty.

David Lammy Camden Four

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  1. It's a long old night........ // July 24, 2015 at 11:08 pm //

    Lammy’s got a bit of a way to go.

    There’s only one Jeremy Corbyn!

  2. JC has made the contests all about ‘realism’.

    This is the Lammy response.

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