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morningupdate5TULIP’S PAL

HAVING helped Jeremy Corbyn get on the Labour leadership ballot paper, even though she favours Andy Burnham, new Hampstead and Kilburn MP Tulip Siddiq is showing no signs of regret now the Islington North is suddenly the media and bookmakers’ front-runner to win. After a bit of a wait to get an office on the parliamentary estate after her election win in May, she has found herself holed up on the same corridor as Jeremy’s desk, two doors down. This is bad news for her relationship with the party whips if we are to learn lessons from anthropologist Emma Crewe’s account of life at the Commons, clipped by Isabel Hardman last week. “Maybe they have give up on me,” Tulip jokes. She, of course, voted against the whip demand to abstain when she voted, like Jeremy, against the welfare bill.


THERE doesn’t seem to be much doubt that there is a certain level of community tension around primary school places in the Kentish Town and Dartmouth Park area, and given the make-up of that part of Camden, sooner or later a newspaper columnist was going to have to go through the application process. Enter Giles Coren. He went characteristically apoplectic in his Times column on Saturday about the fact his four year daughter was placed 14th on a waiting list for a school 200 metres from his home. He explained how the long suspected system cheat may have worked: people renting flats in a tight catchment area on a temporary basis to skew the applications process in their favour. The fact that such a thing might happen is not a stretch of the imagination and there is debate as to how well Camden cracks down on offenders, but Labour Party members will be bruised that he singled out them for being the guilty party. They aren’t just cheats, they are Labour supporting cheats, becomes the theme as he explains why he feels he was forced to go private. He wrote many of those ahead of his family in the queue for his chosen school “live in Hampstead and Highgate and Dartmouth Park, with self-righteous lefty parents who quietly rented a room over the hairdresser across the road from the school in the application year. Or one of the nearby bedsits which the landlord lets at astronomical rates to cheating millionaire Labourites who need a local address for their application form.” His article, titled ‘thanks for nothing you middle class scum’, has predictably caused a stir in the neighbourhood.


THEY’RE coming for us, HS2 is coming for us, is the tenor of views among businesses in Parkway, Camden Town. This after the pavements were decorated with some mathsy graffiti.



BACK to the Labour leadership contest (almost over now) and the Independent on Sunday asked the candidates, after some serious questions, to lighten the mood with a joke. Three of them answered with ice lolly stick gags, but guess-who passed. Jeremy Corbyn’s pass followed his refusal to play along with Chris Mason’s excellent car share series for the BBC last week, in which the candidates answered questions while Chris concentrated on driving them about. You could set your watch by the speed of the response from Corbynites yesterday, as they celebrated with varying degrees of pompousness that he had risen above the silly question from IoS pols editor Jane Merrick.



CAMDEN’S finance chief Theo Blackwell was spotted among the sweaty hordes pressed together in the Dublin Castle’s tight back room on Friday evening as indieheads waited to see Carl Barat and Pete Doherty and The Libertines. It was the weekend’s hot ticket, but Theo slipped away before the gig even got going, tired of waiting for the band as they played it for rock n roll kicks by turning up three hours late. None of us are as young as we used to be, and bed, or World of Warcraft, called for Theo. Yet amid the choruses of why-are-we-waiting earlier in the evening, I can reveal T-Money could be heard committing Camden Town sacrilege, telling anybody who would listen that the best Dublin Castle special gig he had seen in that hallowed back room was…. Travis. Here was a man that had seen Amy Winehouse’s legendary gig back there, and he’s banging on about Travis. Travis! No wonder he escaped the scene of the crime early. 


THE nationals’ diary pages have already enjoyed a munch or two on this disagreement in Primrose Hill, but talk show host Matthew Wright’s tweet offensive against fashion designer Stefano Gabbana’s builders shows no sign of slowing down. Again, he urges Camden Council to start reffing the dispute.

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