Morning update 15.09.15: Independence Day


THERE’S a bit of shock among Labour councillors over the news that Angela Pober has quit the party and gone independent, as reported on the New Journal‘s website yesterday. We wait for her to release a statement on her full reasons. Her now former colleagues on the Labour group are talking of their ‘surprise’ and ‘disappointment’, speculating what lies behind it all beyond her comments about the Save The West Hampstead Library campaign. They are also wondering how it will all work with Angela sitting as an independent councillor (there will be a new seating spot for her at tomorrow’s full council meeting).

In the meantime some are suggesting that Cllr Pober should now test whether voters in her West Hampstead ward are happy with the new arrangement by triggering a by-election and standing as a independent. In one email to the Labour group, Camden Town and Primrose Hill councillor Richard Cotton said: ‘This is very disappointing but the party is bigger than any individual member. Maybe it’s time to lobby for a change in electoral law to force candidates elected under the banner of registered political parties to trigger a by-election if they ‘cross the floor’. I feel particularly strongly about this because I watched Brent Council change hands without a single elector casting a single ballot when two Labour councillors joined the Tories…”

He added: “Whatever, Angela’s reasons for leaving Labour (so soon after wanting to be our parliamentary candidate) she was elected as a Labour candidate and despite her undoubted personal qualities and local connections, she would not have been elected as an independent.”


ARE the stories and comment pieces about the lack of women picked for prominent roles in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet making the people who supported him worry that they have made a duff choice? It didn’t seem so at the Kentish Town Forum last night when supporters gathered for a celebration of his leadership victory. They view it as simply another personal attack. From the stage, comic Ava Vidal instead turned the fire on Harriet Harman.

 “If you look at some of the attacks on him in the media, they’ve started already, the knives are out: they are attacking him saying ‘oooh Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t like women, Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t like women’, ” she said. “Bullshit. I’m not having that. Jeremy Corbyn has an exemplary record when it comes to women and when it comes to race. They are attacking Jeremy Corbyn for hating women when we have Harriet Harman who was the one who voted to slash lone parent benefit, which disproportionately affects women. It affected women like myself because I was a single parent.”


ANGELA Pober confirms the deed has been done after the New Journal’s broke news of her Labour group resignation:

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  1. John Bryant // September 15, 2015 at 11:28 am //

    She can resign if she wants, because since the General Election the Liberal Democrats have been winning a string of Council by-elections across London, so this would be regarded as prime territory to add to our winning list. Will she dare do it though?

  2. Heart Transplant // September 16, 2015 at 1:42 pm //

    Nice to know it’s business as usual for some ex Camden Cllrs.

    The government will remove a thousand pounds a year from 3 million working families in April through tax credit cuts forcing more low earners into poverty.

    Jeremy – let’s debate the issues – Corbyn represents a new style of politics and it’s why he offers so much hope to thousands across the country.


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