Morning update 16.09.15: Hail the courageous

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CAMDEN Conservatives have responded to the Angela Pober resignation statement by badging Labour as having run a “sham” campaign to save West Hampstead Library. But in the critique offered by rising Tory star Oliver Cooper, look out for the heaped praise on Angela for saying what she said. She took a “courageous stance”, Cllr Cooper declares. The snort from many of the councillors Angela leaves behind on the Labour benches (39 now) is that this was as close to a come and join us offer as could be made in public without sounding gratuitous. The running joke amid the opposition seats since Saturday is that many local Labour councillors are now somehow closer to the Conservatives than Corbyn, so why wouldn’t they cross the floor in the wake of the Islington North MP’s leadership win.


AHEAD of our 16-page Jeremy Corbyn souvenir pullout in the New Journal tomorrow – just kidding! – I spoke to council leader Sarah Hayward last night about how the new look Labour leadership would affect things back in Camden. There has been some mild chatter about how whether the support for Liz Kendall, seen as the polar opposite candidate from Corbyn in the contest, could cause some static locally. Many of her colleagues were also in among the 4.5 percenters. But she was pretty clear on the subject, that Corbyn has won a big mandate in a democracy and the result was to be respected. She said the main differences of opinion were on foreign policy and macroeconomics, but that there was a common vein found in fighting cuts to public services. “There will be no sniping from us – we want work with the leader of the Labour Party – Jeremy has won a clear mandate to lead,” she said. “My only complaint was the fact that no women have been appointed in the top five jobs in the shadow cabinet. Sexism is structural and when you have the chance to do something about it, I think you should take it.”


DOES Highgate councillor Oliver Lewis think that it’s a bit strange that every national newspaper, virtually, decided the biggest, most important story of the day was whether the new Labour leader sang the national anthem?

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  1. Chris Knight // September 16, 2015 at 10:45 am //

    Brave move by Angela and she is to be admired for following what she knows to be right, I am sure she will having many words with Tulip in the coming weeks!

    As for the talk of Jeremy Corbyn uniting the party, well we will see comes the new year when our Labour Councillors step up to stand for various offices to run the Council some of those currently holding Cabinet or Chair of Committee seats may well end up on the back benches, there process for this is about as muddled as Labours approach to their Leadership election so it should be fun to watch it unfold.

    A friendly word to those in office now, enjoy it whilst you can “it could be you”

  2. Robert Latham // September 16, 2015 at 11:34 am //

    The Corbyn victory reflects a demand for a new style of politics: (i) a set of values fit for the global economy in the 21st Century; (ii) policies that make Britain a better place for the many and not the few; (iii) politicians who bring with them a wealth of life experience, rather than political hacks who have climbed the greasy pole; and (iv) an end to spin..

    Liz Kendall merely offered more of the same. It is a matter of regret that leading members of the Labour Group did not recognise this.

    As for Angela Prober: In May 2014, elected as Labour councillor for West Hampstead; by July 2014, she was seeking a parliamentary seat in Salford and Eccles; by October 2014, she saw herself as fit to succeed Frank Dobson (we recall her personal attacks which secured her 3 votes); and now…….

    Is this a political record that the Camden Tories commend?

    I did not vote for Jeremy Corbyn. I question whether he will secure the new style of politics that his supports espouse. However, i welcome the fact that politics will not be the same again.

    All Camden politicians should face up to this fact.

    • OTT: the Labour Party was having a debate about future direction and members were free to choose who they thought was best to serve as Leader and who might develop into someone who could lead the country in 5 years time.

      It’s not on to now criticise people after-the-fact for who they supported – not even the many of the people I know, members and supporters, who voted for Corbyn have done that given my vote appears to have been in a very small minority!

      As I wrote on my medium post, there are major questions to be asked in the moderniser wing of the Party – I hope they are – but the Labour Party as a whole is bonded by values of equality and social justice and common history.

      If Jeremy moves us away from some of the unneccessary managerialism of the past – we will all help shape the new programme.

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